Game of Thrones -Valentine's day

Game of Thrones -Valentine's day
With Valentine's day approaching, it's a great opportunity for us, GOT fans to revisit some iconic relationships from the show which kept us glued to the screen for several years. Bellow you will find our personal favourite ones :

John Snow x Ygritte 
This fairytale come true to life story actually managed to transcend the show itself. Kit Harington ( John Snow ) and Rose Leslie ( Ygritte ) have not only had an amazing cave melting chemistry on the screen, they also managed to get steamy behind the scenes, resulting in a real life Game of Thrones wedding and an actual happy ending. We, GOT fans, know that these last two don't usually mash well together as The Red Wedding is still haunting us till this day.

Jamie x Cersei Lannister
Brotherly and sisterly love is not usually what comes to mind when we speak about Valentine's day, but these two in their incestual ways managed to disgust us and entertain us both at the same time. From manipulation, betrayal, sex, jealousy and drama, to some tragedies, weird sympathy and a tragic ending, their story has been an integral rollercoaster of the show. and definitely worth an entry on my list.

Tormund x Brienne 
This must be everybody's favourite what if story. A giant man that wants a strong, giant woman. While this story unfortunately didn't go past a comic relief, it definitely provided us with some of the rare joyous moments and laughs in the form of Tormund's pursuit of Brienne, who, blinded by our Golden boy Jamie, neglected his advances. While Brienne could have known better, we can not blame her. Love is blind and Game of Thrones has always been about bittersweet endings. 

Honorable mentions : Ser Jorah Mormont
We all have been there. She's beautiful, a queen and has a bad temper. Ser Jorah is a champion for us all, single knights, who have failed in our pursuit of love and romantic happiness. While Ser Jorah never managed to sweep off the feet of our polarizing queen Danny, his maximum effort in trying so, granted him the ultimate "simp" title and a mention on our list.
So guys, these were our favourite relationship dynamics from Game of Thrones. Hope you have enjoyed our picks. Happy Valentine's day and remember : All is fair in war and love !