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Is Game of Thrones tour worth doing for non-fans?

GOT tour worth it for non fans

Like countless others all around the globe, all of us at Dubrovnik Walking Tours are big fans of Game of Thrones. Some of us have read all the books that G.R.R. Martin has published while others just fell in love with HBO’s portrayal of them in the Game of Thrones TV show. 

So after the third season, we have jumped on the opportunity to share the excitement of basically walking through until recently fictional King’s Landing with other fans of the show who found Game of Thrones tour worth doing. With the popularity of the tour, the fans brought spouses, family members and friends who did not watch the show or were not fans with them on the tour.

GOT tour is worth it even if not a fan

But almost immediately we realized, to enjoy the tour it doesn’t matter if you like the show or not. Hundreds of 5-star TripAdvisor reviews of people who did not even watch the show before visiting Dubrovnik can be a testimony to the significance of the impact of the series. We have inspired plenty of them to watch the show after they got back home.

Dubrovnik-Walking-Tours TripAdvisor review from non fans

Our guides, some of which were extras in the series itself, are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and strive to create an engaging experience for all. But the facts about the TV show don’t necessarily matter. The tour is more than just for Game of Thrones ”geeks”. It gives the local perspective on the filming of the series in Dubrovnik, which has left a lasting mark on the city.

People go to GOT tour even if they did not watch the show

The real appeal of joining this walking tour around Dubrovnik is both the access it provides and the very unique way of experiencing Dubrovnik. While the routes and filming locations of the tour aren’t exactly uncommon for tourists to tread upon by themselves, it’s a deeper understanding of the city that the guide provides that makes the experience so very special. Bonus: There’s plenty of memorable photo opportunities to share with your friends back at home.

Got tour is an unique experience with plenty of photo opportunities

Everyone that comes to visit can agree Dubrovnik looks like every fairy tale you can imagine brought to life. The Old Town is so stunningly striking that it seems to have leaped directly from the imagination of George R. R Martin and it is no coincidence that Dubrovnik was also a capital city of the venerable Republic of Ragusa.

 So, it just makes sense that when filming an actual fantasy series, Dubrovnik is used. While some of the locations where the scenes were filmed are obvious and easy to find like the Walk of Shame, others are a bit trickier, which is why the Game of Thrones Tour is a great resource.

Ivan Vukovic Vuka guides a Game of Thrones tour with happy GOT fans

For those wanting a bit more of Dubrovnik history, but don’t want to miss out on seeing the popular filming locales can join our Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik tour. This two-in-one tour gives you everything; you revisit the scenes of the most famous events filmed of King’s Landing, whilst also getting an insight into millennia of interesting history that made the Dubrovnik one of the most significant places in its time.

Review of GOT tour on Tripadvisor from GOT fan

Game of Thrones tour is definitely worth it

So when you visit Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones Tour is worth doing even if you’re not an avid fan of the TV show. You will be able to enjoy all the GOT trivia and behind the scene intrigue which you can appreciate just purely for getting a glimpse into how the entertainment world works, and obviously, the quite fascinating and rich history of Dubrovnik.

Tripadvisor review 5 star saying non fans find GOT tour worth doing

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