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People are at the very heart of everything Dubrovnik Walking Tours does. This must sound like one of those typical clichés, but we are fully aware that our people are our most valuable asset. Put simply, without the right people our tours would not be where they are today.

Our guided tours are presented by accredited guides who are both highly committed to and deeply enthusiastic about their jobs. They aim to ensure that all of the people on their tours have the most memorable time. One of our newer additions to the team is Katarina Čokljat.

  • How long have you been working as a guide?

Since I got my license in 2018.

  • Name two things you like and dislike about being a guide?

I love meeting new people and introducing them to our impressive history. I can’t think of anything that I dislike about my job.

  • What do you consider to be the best thing about Dubrovnik?

A mixture of our interesting history, beautiful architecture and friendly locals make the whole package.

  • Can you share a less-known titbit about Dubrovnik history with us?

In the Old City of Dubrovnik in Zlatarić street there are two inscriptions engraved in Latin on the wall of St. Rocco church. They are the first graffitis in the Dubrovnik area carved in the late 16th century (1597). They are considered to be the first mentions of football in the Mediterranean. One of the inscriptions says: ”I am warning you who are playing with a ball”. The other graffiti adds ”Peace be with you, remember you will die, you who are playing with a ball”.

First mention of Football on wall graffiti in Dubrovnik
First mention of Football on wall graffiti in Dubrovnik

They were a warning to local kids who played football in Domino street next to the church. The kids were very loud, kicking the ball at the door of the church and disturbing the prayers of the priest so he thought maybe with these warnings they are going to stop playing. This, of course, did not work as they continued to play football in the street.

So in a way, this would be the beginning of our successful Croatian football team.

  • One of your specialties is the Game of Thrones Walking Tour. Can you describe what makes it so good and different than other tours of Dubrovnik?

If you are a Game of Thrones fan this tour is definitely for you. I am also a huge Game of Thrones fan and besides showing you all the locations where the show was filmed we will talk about behind the camera stuff such as how they filmed, interesting facts about production, stories of actors and extras which you can’t find anywhere on the internet.

Behind the scenes of Game of thrones filming in Dubrovnik
Behind the scenes of Game of thrones filming in Dubrovnik

The point of this tour is for you to enjoy, have fun and learn more interesting things about the favorite show. And even if you are not a GoT fan you can still join and we will try to convince you how amazing this show and production is so you can start watching it too.

  • Are you a fan of GoT?

Yes, I am a huge GoT fan. I actually watched every GoT season a couple of times, watched interviews with G.R.R.Martin explaining the connection of books and history and I am in the process of reading books.

  • What is your favorite scene in the show?

There are a couple of them but one of my top scenes is Red Wedding, no one expected that twist and they did it so well, so creative and real.

  • Do you have a favorite filming location in Dubrovnik and what happened there?

Favorite one would be Jesuit steps used for filming various scenes but also the memorable one – Walk of Shame.

Jesuit Steps location in the show during Walk of Shame
Jesuit Steps in the show during Walk of Shame
  • Were there any special requests from your tour-goers, what was the most interesting one?

I love it when people are relaxed, want to have fun so we recreate different scenes of GoT on locations.

  • What part of the tour gets your guests most excited about?

When they hear some interesting facts which they can’t read anywhere online.

  • People have been saying the Game of Thrones had a huge impact on Dubrovnik when in reality, the number of guests coming solely for GOT is smaller compared to cruise tourism, how does it look from your perspective?

Regardless of a lot of cruise ships coming here, I think we still have a big number of guests coming to Dubrovnik and staying a couple of days. I don’t think Game of Thrones was there primarily the reason why they chose this destination, but I think GoT did help in that decision.

  • What are your thoughts on some people being vocal that doing just Game of Thrones tour diminished the importance of the heritage of this historic town?

I do not agree with that; our city was well known and a popular destination long before GoT tours started, this trend with GoT might fade over time but we will always have our heritage and history. Now GoT is an additional reason why they should visit Dubrovnik instead of some other destination, but once they come here the majority of them do visit our heritage – City Walls, museums, etc.

I do understand locals dislike GoT because you have a small percentage of people who maybe do not even know the real name of the city, but they call it King’s Landing or Jesuit steps they call Walk of Shame steps which might bother them when we have such a long and beautiful history or people getting naked and recreating Walk of Shame scene which is inappropriate but everything has some positive and negative impacts.

  • Do you prefer talking about the history of Dubrovnik or Game of Thrones fiction?

I love both, we have a very interesting and impressive history but I also enjoy the escape to the fiction world.

  • Besides doing a Game of Thrones Tour, what would be your Top 5 things to do recommendations in Dubrovnik be?
  1. My first choice would be visiting our stunning City Walls, visiting Old pharmacy, Sponsa and Rector’s Palace
  2. Lokrum – paradise on Earth with an interesting history
  3. Cable car and sunset time on Mount Srđ
  4. Kayaking tour
  5. The Elaphiti Islands or Cavtat and Konavle tour

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