Cavtat and Konavle

  • Cavtat and Konavle half excursion from dubrovnik
  • Cavtat and Konavle half excursion
  • Cavtat and Konavle excursion
  • Cavtat and Konavle excursion From Dubrovnik
  • Cavtat and Konavle from dubrovnik
  • half excursion Cavtat and Konavle
  • half excursion Cavtat and Konavle from Dubrovnik
  • half excursion Cavtat and Konavle
  • half excursion Cavtat and Konavle
  • half excursion Cavtat and Konavle

Cavtat and Konavle come together naturally as a combined tour. Cavtat's past, present and future are very closely tied to Dubrovnik's and this coastal town is a delight - its Old Town has an intriguing network of streets and cobbled alleys whereas the harbour and promenade are a must.

After visiting Cavtat, the tour takes you on a visit through some of the attractive villages in Konavle. This area is actually a plain skirted by the southern mountains of Herzegovina and Montenegro and its small population lives in some 32 villages scattered across this south-easterly tip of Croatia.

Konavle's folk traditions and way of life are still thriving in may of these settlements and we offer you the chance to taste of a true culinary tradition in one of the villages' authentic restaurants. This lunch's centrepiece is a mouth-water dish – the finest lamb slowly roasted under a thick iron brll covered in hot coals.

Should you wish to have a different meal for lunch, kindly advise us in advance.


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