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The Balkans have often been perceived as a restless corner of Europe and many who look into the underlying reasons behind the recent conflicts, including the aggression against Dubrovnik, feel that the issues are too complex to understand. This tour will give you a bird’s-eye view of Dubrovnik and take you on a circuit around the heights above the city, where many of the landmarks of the war are located.

Stopping at several view points along the way, you will be driven up Srd hill (400 metres above the Old Town), through the old front line, including the site of the cable-car route which was destroyed in the conflict. Other stops include Zarkovica, where the besieging Serb and Montenegrin forces were based, and the fortress where the Croatian defenders housed themselves. The stories, as related by your guide, are sobering, heroic and, at times, beyond belief.

All these places also offer unbeatable views down into the city, the Zupa Dubrovacka valley and across the Adriatic Sea to islands such as nearby Lokrum, the Elaphite isles and beyond. Be sure to bring a camera and lots of film (or a digital camera with plenty of memory)!


Dubrovnik Walking ToursCollection from the pier of your cruise ship or your hotel by our English-speaking expert guide.
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