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See the filming locations of Star Wars, Robin Hood, Game of Thrones and Bollywood movie Fan. Some of the most famous scenes from these movies and series were filmed in Dubrovnik and our guides tell stories and anecdotes from production and behind the scenes, while providing photos of the actual sets.

Apart from being renowned for its beauty and historical heritage, Dubrovnik has become a world-famous filming location. Stradun, the main street running through the Old City, has been acknowledged as an exceptional film setting by many prominent producers, with even Leonardo DiCaprio choosing the street to portray Nottingham for his latest Robin Hood movie. The actors who stayed here during filming fell in love with Dubrovnik, with Jamie Foxx posting a video on Instagram showing how amazed he was by the stunning Dalmatian coast. These sentiments were shared by Jamie Dornan (Robin Hood), and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (Fan).

What people say about this tour

“Interesting and informative tour”

This tour is highly recommended for movie fans - not only does it highlight the influence of the entertainment industry on Croatian industry, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to become further immersed in the settings of your favorite series and movies. Although some parts of the Game of Thrones filming are covered in this tour, there is a lot of focus on the movies. We recommend doing the in-depth Game of Thrones tour before/after this tour in order to get the full experience!

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Dubrovnik Walking Tours Duration
DURATION: 1.5 hours
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