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City Walls & Dubrovnik Tour

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  • city walls walk dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik City Walls scheduled tour
  • Dubrovnik City Walls scheduled Walk
  • city walls walk dubrovnik
  • Scheduled City Walls tour Dubrovnik
  • Scheduled City Walls tour Dubrovnik

This incredibly scenic, mesmerizing and comprehensive walking tour covers both the inner and outer parts boundaries of Dubrovnik: the spectacular city walls and the highlights of the Old Town.

Join our passionate guide on this 2.5-hour-long tour that brings Dubrovnik to life. Combining quirky local trivia, Game of Thrones tidbits and historical insight from our popular Discover Dubrovnik history tour. You will benefit from a wealth of experience and knowledge that goes way beyond stale guidebooks or just reading plaques.

The route starts with a walk on the city walls so that you get the immediate impact from the stunning panoramic views - with the shimmering Adriatic on one side and the striking red rooftops on the other, this "wall-walk" will be the highlight of your visit to Dubrovnik.

You will also get an idea of the location of the interior Old Town landmarks that you will see up close on the interior part of the tour that follows. By doing the tour later in the day, you will not only avoid the crowds but you will see the city basked in a beautiful golden glow.


Doing the City Walls tour later in the day, you will not only avoid the crowds but see the city basked in a beautiful golden glow.
Save money and buy the Dubrovnik Card instead of the ticket for the city walls.
The walls may be challenging for those with walking difficulties.
Please wear comfortable shoes.

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Dubrovnik Walking Tours Duration
DURATION: 2,5 hour
Dubrovnik Walking Tours Departure

Currently not operating!
Dubrovnik Walking Tours Meeting Point
Dubronvik Walking Tours Price
PRICE: 200 kn + 200 kn* entrance fee to City Walls**
**Price for the city walls entrance is an additional 200 KN, although if you have already purchased a Dubrovnik Card for your stay, the entrance is free with that card.

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