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Game of Thrones Tour

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Best Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik

When the US production company behind the Game of Thrones series picked Dubrovnik as the setting for the capital city of Westeros, King’s Landing, they could not have chosen better.

The Old Town is so striking that it seems to have leapt directly from the pages of George R. R Martin’s addictive series of novels and it is no coincidence that Dubrovnik was also a capital city in its own right – of the now extinct Republic of Ragusa.

On this tour, you will be taken through all the parts of the Old City where some of the most memorable scenes from the ongoing cultural phenomenon were filmed, including: The Pile Gate where King Joffrey was faced with a citizens’ riot and pelted with dung, and the Lovrijenac fort where the unsuccessful attack on King's Landing - the Battle of Blackwater - took place.
The seemingly endless fortified walls will be seen from Lovrijenac fort where Tyrion Lannister and Varys took a stroll, with Tyrion uttering the immortal words: ''Where is the god of tits and wine''?

All of the filming locations, including some from the latest 7th season, and commentary from your local guide will be accompanied by A4-sized photos that show the screen-shot from the appropriate episode. You may even hear stories and gossip from behind the scenes as some of our guides were Game of Thrones extras and stand-ins.

**Entrance fee is 50 kn but if you have a City Walls ticket from the same day or a Dubrovnik Card you can use it for free entrance

What people say about this tour

“Awesome Game of Thrones Tour!”

We are Game of Throne fans. Not the die hard, know every detail, live and breathe fans. But we love watching the show. What better opportunity to take a Game of Throne tour hen when actually in King's Landing (Dubrovnik).

The tour is two hours and 180 kuna, which I was worried would be too long especially since we walked the entire wall that morning. However, it was a great tour and time flew by. There is a lot of walking but the guide was fantastic very informative. She is a repeat extra on the show so she gave us behind the scenes info. She had a flip book with pictures from the various scenes in show to remind us of the specific scene and background. This was super helpful.

One thing to note is all Game of Throne tours take you to St. Laurence Fort, which has separate entrance fee. If you go to the wall first your ticket to the wall gets you entrance to the fort. This tour includes access to the fort in the cost. The other tours we looked at did not.

Would definitely recommend this tour!

Mankoosha, New York

Dubronvik Walking Tours Duration
DURATION: 2 hours
Dubronvik Walking Tours Departure

1st of January - 30th of April
Daily at 11:00!

1st of May - 31st of October
Daily at 09:30*, 11:00, 16:00 & 17:00*
Dubrovnik Walking Tours Meeting Point
Dubronvik Walking Tours Price
PRICE: 150 KN + 50 KN entrance fee to St. Lawrence Fortress**
*09:30 & 17:00 departures only in June, July, August & September
**entrance fee is 50 kn but if you have a City Walls ticket from the same day or a Dubrovnik Card you can use it for free entrance

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