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We are Desha, Maro & Dario, a small but committed team of three Dubrovnik-based professionals specialized in tailoring private tours for every particular interest, taste, and personality.

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We pick from a pool of 24 superstars, best-reviewed local guides and book the one that will click with you. Whether you are a history, Game of Thrones, food, wine, science, politics, art, or culture aficionado, don’t worry, we got you covered.
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Here are some cool ideas to inspire your private experience of Dubrovnik and its region:

Game of Thrones Tour
This can be a brief 1.5-hour tour with no entrances, or, your tour can stretch to half or even a full day GOT experience. It can include some of the following; Lovrijenac Fortress (Red Keep), Minceta Fortress and the Outer Wall with Bokar Fortress, Dubrovnik City Walls or even Lokrum island or Trsteno Arboretum. If you don’t know what kind of Game of Thrones to do and what it should include, our recommendation would be a 2-hour tour that would cover the locations in the Old Town and the Outer Wall with Bokar Fortress. Not many guides can do this version of a Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik since it requires knowledge from behind the scenes! We work with guides who were involved in the production as extras.

Dubrovnik Medieval History
It can be a brief 1-1.5 hour tour that will cover Dubrovnik history overview and some major sights or we can spice it up with some museums or/and City Walls. This tour can be blended with the Game of Thrones tour, Jewish Heritage, or any other ideas we can come up together.

City Walls
Dubrovnik City Walls offer stunning views and amazing instagramable opportunities. Some people prefer to learn about Dubrovnik history walking the streets of the Old Town and they choose to cover the City Walls by themselves, at their own pace. While this is not a bad plan at all, we suggest reversing: Walk the magnificent City Walls, learn about Dubrovnik history, and see the major sights and hidden corners from the bird’s perspective. Or you can keep the guide for both. This is totally up to you.

Dubrovnik City photography tour
Are you ready to capture Dubrovnik like never before? Our exclusive photography tour led by local expert Ivan Vuković-Vuka, a photography aficionado and knowledgeable guide, is the perfect opportunity to discover hidden gems and local legends off the beaten path. Vuka is more than just a tour guide, he is a true Croatian expert and a cultural connoisseur. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Ivan has gained a reputation as one of the most sought-after hosts and guides in the country. He has co-hosted National Geographic's "Croatia's Finest", and has been featured in prestigious media outlets such as Forbes, CNN, and Travel + Leisure. He has also been a guest expert on popular shows such as the British travel documentary "Travel Man" and "Game of Thrones" themed tourism. Ivan's expert guidance will help you capture stunning shots of Dubrovnik's breathtaking scenery and architecture, and you'll learn to see the city in a new light. With this private tour, you'll have an unparalleled experience, gaining a unique perspective of Dubrovnik's rich history and culture. End your tour on a high note with a visit to the renowned D'vino Wine Bar Dubrovnik, where you'll indulge in the local flavors and raise a glass to your unforgettable Dubrovnik experience. This is the perfect opportunity to ask Ivan all your burning questions, and gain exclusive insights into the city and his experiences. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover Dubrovnik like never before. Book your tour with Vuka and make memories to last a lifetime!

Old Jewish Quarter & Other Major Sights
Dubrovnik has the second oldest Sephardic synagogue in Europe. Jewish heritage was present in Dubrovnik from the end of the fifteenth century and it was deeply integrated into the overall past and culture of Ragusa, present-day Dubrovnik. Should you wish to learn more about the small but recognizable Jewish community, this tour is for You. We can incorporate the Jewish museum, Synagogue, Cemetery but also go down the archive of Dubrovnik remembering many prominent Jewish citizens of Ragusa.

Instagramable Photo Oportunities
Two guides in our fleet are great photographers, one of them is the official photographer for Turkish Airlines and his photos were published in National Geographic. Combining sightseeing with great photography can be a great idea! It can also be artsy memorabilia of your Dubrovnik stay.

Politics & Dubrovnik Diplomacy Throughout History
Dubrovnik was surrounded by smart politics but also intrigues through centuries. Dubrovnik was an independent state called Ragusa never conquered by Ottomans or Venetians. As small as it was, it must have been smart in diplomacy. We have many stories to share with you about those times but also the transition from communism to capitalism and how it affected Dubrovnik & Croatian citizens. We can show you what the war in the nineties did to Dubrovnik and what political circumstances led to the war in the first place.

Dubrovnik of Today
No doubt that Dubrovnik is a unique place in the world. But Dubrovnik is not only special for its history and heritage. Dubrovnik people, its mindset, and way of living also contribute to the fact that a city so small can be called cosmopolitan. In this private tour, we show you what does it mean to live here 12 months a year, how Dubrovnik people spend Sundays or holidays. Why Waterpolo is so important in Dubrovnik? And many other interesting facts about us

Đivo's Unique Dubrovnik Archaeological Adventure
Meet Đivo, your licensed English-speaking tour guide in Dubrovnik. With a degree in archaeology and history, he invites you on an Indiana Jones-style journey through the ancient Republic of Dubrovnik. Explore Minčeta fortress, a 16th-century foundry, Bokar fortress, and medieval archaeological sites of Benedictine nunneries and underground granaries. Uncover the military, metallurgical, and religious history of Dubrovnik in this exclusive and educational tour.

Wine and Dine in Dubrovnik
We can make this tour into storytelling about Plavac Mali, Dingac, Postup - just some of the fantastic wine we have here. We can also integrate wine tasting stops along the way. We can add cooking opportunities too. This tour is all about your preferences and how much you want to be included in the process. It can go both ways – nibbling food and tasting wine or learning how to cook some of Dubrovnik’s best local recipes and tasting it afterward.

Celebrities in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik celebrities date back from the renaissance to the present times. In this tour, we introduce you to famous Dubrovnik celebs who have changed the world forever like Rudjer Boskovic, Marin Getaldic or Benedikt Kotruljevic. Stay tuned with us and find out why these people are important. This tour brings also more up-to-date celebrities visiting Dubrovnik like Tom Cruise, Jay Z, Beyonce, Michael Jordan…learn where did they stay where did they eat and what did they say about this part of the world.

Private Speed Boat Trip Combined With a City Tour
Dubrovnik private experience. Admire City walls, the nearby island of Lokrum, and the turquoise Adriatic Sea from the boat. How about sipping cold prosecco while watching one of the most stunning sunsets on the Mediterranean.

Possibilities are endless not to mention a sneak preview of Bosnia, Montenegro, and Croatia in one day…
Thank you for choosing Dubrovnik private tours tailored and done by locals!