Meet our guides: Josip Crnčević

Meet our guides: Josip Crnčević
It is well-known that the success of an organized city tour hinges on the personality of the tour guide. The Dubrovnik Walking Tours guides are exceptional in their knowledge and entertainment value.
In this post, we’d like to introduce you to one of our top-rated guides on TripAdvisor; Josip Crnčević. We asked him a few questions:
  • How long have you been working as a guide?
I am approaching my 3rd season.  
  • What do you consider to be the best thing about Dubrovnik? 
I would definitely say it's history and heritage because, without that, there would be no tourism in scale and scope as we know it today.
  • Can you share a less-known titbit about Dubrovnik history with us? 
Dubrovnik had a merchant colony in India, Goa, where you can still find a church of St. Blaise as a remnant of that era.  
  • One of your specialties is the Game of Thrones Walking Tour. Can you describe what makes it so good and different than other tours of Dubrovnik? 
Game of Thrones tour is an active way to see Dubrovnik trough the scope of everybody's at the moment favorite TV show, which is great because the content is light and goes well with vacation mood people are in when visiting Dubrovnik.  
  • Are you a fan of GoT? 
Yes, I am a fan, not too geeky or crazy about it, but the show does have a certain unique appeal, as it blends well fantasy and drama making it look somehow realistic.
  • Did you read the books by G.R.R. Martin?
Not all of them, I am on my 4th at the moment, great series, better than the show, waiting for the final 2 books to come out before I continue on the rest.
  • What is your favorite scene in the show?
Tyrion explaining how he wants to die a certain way to Shagga, leader of the Mountain clans, cuz I feel this is something that strongly resonates with me.  
  • Do you have a favorite filming location in Dubrovnik and what happened there?
I would say Jesuit stairs aka the Shame stairs.  
  • Were there any special requests from your tour-goers, what was the most interesting one? 
Nothing too special that I remember, usually boils down to photos, seeing the most popular (or all locations), and visiting the Throne.
  • What part of the tour gets your guests most excited about? 
St. Lawrence fort because of the views and walk of shame as the most dramatic scene filmed in Dubrovnik and one of the most iconic overall.
  • Have you been around when the HBO was filming GoT? If you did, can you tell us what that was like?
I have been around working on the Pile square as a booking agent and seeing start on certain locations, however, I am not associated with the production nor have I cared about GOT at that point.  
  • People have been saying the Game of Thrones had a huge impact on Dubrovnik when in reality, the number of guests coming solely for GOT is smaller compared to cruise tourism, how does it look from your perspective?
It's not all about the raw numbers. First, it's the marketing that the Old Town got out of being associated with one of the most popular TV shows ever. There is probably no amount of money which could provide something on that scale, secondly, it added additional elements to our narrow touristic offer (GOT tours, got souvenir stores, etc.)
  • What are your thoughts on some people being vocal that doing just Game of Thrones tour cheapens the heritage of this historic town? 
These are the people still living in the past trying to make a living on selling out that same heritage and basing our touristic offer on beautiful weather and beaches. Not having the ability to distinguish between fiction and reality screams narrow mindedness, Got and other filming experiences are providing clear blueprint how you can utilize heritage in a controlled environment and get additional benefits.  
  • Do you prefer talking about the history of Dubrovnik or Game of Thrones fiction? 
It depends on the mood, guests the days, etc. Both have intriguing moments, excitements and challenges, I would not rate one above the other.  
  • Besides doing a Game of Thrones Tour, what would be your Top 5 things to do recommendations in Dubrovnik be? 
I would recommend the walk around the City walls, a visit to the Lokrum island, doing a sea kayaking tour, Buggy safari (have not been but sounds exciting), history tour (can be really enlightening and interesting).