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Dubrovnik is an enchanting place in its own right as it’s one of the hottest stops in any cultural trip wishlist of Europe. The town is gorgeous, with a compelling history and culture, great food, delightful beach bars & cafes, and an expansive list of entertaining things-to-do while in town. The best way to explore it is to join one of the daily Dubrovnik tours.

Once you’ve had your fill of the city’s history or Game of Thrones intrigue you might find Dubrovnik also makes an excellent camp for various day trips and excursions outside of Dubrovnik if you are staying for more than a day or two. 

There’s a whole set of lovely islands to explore, the Dubrovnik hinterland region is rife with charming petite villages that preserve their unique customs and traditions while countries of Montenegro and Bosnia-Hercegovina are at one’s fingertip.

Guide and group on a walking sightseeing tour

With over 15 years of experience in organizing and guiding private Dubrovnik tours as well as day excursions to Bosnia, and Montenegro, we consider ourselves somewhat of destination experts. Always on the lookout for the new and interesting locales, all the shortcuts and secluded trails, we strive to provide an authentic experience of the region. Here are our recommendations for local tours and the best excursions from Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Tours

Depending on how long you stay in Dubrovnik you would probably want to start with local guided walking tours. There’s plenty to see and do right here. You can start by joining a group Dubrovnik tour and wander about the city’s majestic 13th century stone walls. Learn about the interesting past and the geopolitics of this captivating region in the War tour or visit awesome photo-worthy Game of Thrones filming locations!

Take a cocktail break, in one of the charming cafes along the cobbled streets of Old Town, before you jump on a sea kayaking tour around the island of Lokrum or take a panoramic ride.

1. History Walking Tour

Historical Dubrovnik Tour of Old Town

If you are short on time, a walk around the Old Town for an hour in the Discover Dubrovnik is a great way to have an overview of the expansive history of Dubrovnik. Have an experienced, and often humorous guide walk with you through the main streets of Old Town and hear the most interesting bits about bygones of the city.

Perhaps you would like to delve deeper into the more recent conflict this town was a part of? Hear the captivating stories that will help you understand some of the complex background factors which contributed to the conflicts and war in Croatia and Dubrovnik in A Story about the War tour.

2. Game of Thrones Tour

Dubrovnik is home to King’s Landing, the most famous destination in the whole of Westeros. Do you know what that means? You can’t come all this way and not pay tribute to one of the most popular shows in TV history.
Even if you’re not a devoted fan of the TV show or have not even seen the show, the GOT filming locations are worth touring. You will be able to get a glimpse into how the entertainment world works, and obviously, savor the enthralling history of Dubrovnik.

Join a quick 2-hour GOT Dubrovnik tours of the most important sites in the Old town or take an Extended Game of Thrones Tour with a private guide for the ultimate fan experience visiting some of the more remote places like Arboretum in Trsteno and Lokrum Island.

3. City Walls Tour

A one-hour overview tour, not enough? You would like to dig deeper?

This 2.5-hour-long Dubrovnik tour is the beefed-up version of the walking tour that expands on the local trivia and historical accounts from our popular Discover Dubrovnik history tour. Hear insights that go way beyond stale guidebooks and plaques.

The route starts with a walk on the City Walls, an immediate sensory overload from the stunning panoramic visuals. With the shimmering Adriatic Sea on one side and the striking red rooftops on the other, this “wall-walk” will be that one memory image of Dubrovnik you will cherish your whole life.

Learn about Old Town landmarks that you will see up close on the interior part of the tour that follows. The City walls tour will inform you of how Dubrovnik became one of the world’s most prosperous and advanced maritime republics at its time.

The history buff in you will love this Dubrovnik day tour.

4. Six Views of Dubrovnik – Dubrovnik Panorama Tour

You might be thinking where are the picture-perfect spots to share on Instagram? 

With panoramic views at every turn, Dubrovnik is spine-tingling. From its marvelous stone city walls, crystal-clear waters to dry, to the rugged hills and vivid red roofs. Find the best places to catch the perfect view on a panoramic tour of the city.

The highest view of Mount Srd is one of the most worthwhile. As an alternative to the cable car, the tour will ascend you to the top of the hill where the view is sensational. Marvel at the shifting panorama of the Old Town and Lokrum Island with the Elaphiti Islands on the horizon and the brilliant blue sea in between.

Among other photo ops stops, you’ll get to stand on the Franjo Tudman Bridge, and you’ll look into the Ombla River. After this Dubrovnik tour, you’ll have plenty of photographic memories to send home.

5. Lokrum Island Visit

Lokrum Franciscan Monestery Gardens, great location for a day out

One of the locations on every local guide recommendation list will surely be Lokrum Island, a quiet half-day to get away from the Old Town crowd.

Fabulous views every way you go – particularly from the Fort Royal at the peak. Check out the gorgeous botanical gardens, an old Franciscan monastery (one of Game of Thrones filming locations with its replica of the Iron Throne), the Dead Sea (a tiny inland lagoon with a beach), several rocky beaches and lots of bunny rabbits and peacocks roaming through the trails and gardens.

6. Sea Kayaking Tour

After walking around Old Town explore the opportunity to take in Dubrovnik from the seaside. Enjoy paddling around the Lokrum island and visit the hidden cave beach called Betina. The seaside is the only way to approach this serene beach so you will enjoy a unique perspective of the Old Town. Rowing your kayak below the imposing City Walls and cliffs on which they were formed on, provide some of the more spectacular views of the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Best Day Tours and Excursions from Dubrovnik

The town is quite small and a couple of days is plenty of time to visit all the major sights. When you are done with exploring the town, you can venture out and explore Dubrovnik region and surrounding countries. 

Explore charming little towns like Cavtat, do some island hopping on the Elaphiti Islands, visit completely contrasting countries, or follow the wine trail of Pelješac region. Here are some of the most enjoyable day tours and excursions from Dubrovnik deserving your time.

1. Cavtat and Konavle Half Day Tour

Explore the beautiful coastline of Cavtat and the charming villages of Konavle on a private tour.

The valley of Konavle is a delightful region located in the hinterland of Dubrovnik. Konavle, prized for its production of virgin olive oil, authentic vineyards with regional grape variations, natural honey and preserved customs such as intrinsic local embroidery make Konavle an ethnographic jewel of Croatia. 

The coastal town of Cavtat should not be missed either. It’s the most southern town of Croatia, a mix of old and new, as it was originally a Greek settlement of Epidaurus. 

Its Old Town has an intriguing network of streets and cobbled alleyways with a waterfront and palm tree-dotted boulevard, comprising of numerous cafes, terraces and fine restaurants forge a vivid image to remember.

2. Tour of Trsteno and Ston

Trsteno Arboretum fountain, one of stops on the tour

Take a tour that fuses cultural, horticultural and gastronomic peculiarities of the region.

Wander through one of the oldest European arboretums in the quaint village of Trsteno. Dating back 500 years, it is a residence to more than three hundred sorts of fascinating plants and trees originating from all over the Mediterranean. Throughout the tour, you’ll have a chance to take in the magnificent scenery, including the Gothic and Renaissance summer manor of Gocetic-Guzze aristocratic family. Also featuring a pavilion, an aqueduct and a Baroque fountain with two ancient Oriental Plane trees standing almost 60m tall, a visit to the Arboretum makes an incredible photo session opportunity.

Game of Thrones fans will love checking out the gardens as the Arboretum was used as a backdrop for the Red Keep palace gardens of King’s Landing.

Following the botanical gardens, the tour proceeds to Ston. This historic town is surrounded by a 5km long fortified wall, one of the longest in the world. They were originally constructed in the 14th century to protect the town and its ancient salt pans. Thanks to the unique biological balance of the stretch, it’s also the center of oyster and mussel production in Croatia. A perfect opportunity to taste this special delicacy fresh from the sea. An alternative to the tour would be continuing to the Pelješac region following the wine trail.

3. Elaphiti Islands Dubrovnik Tours

View from Lopud, Elafiti Islands at Sunset

Relaxing, sipping, and sunbathing. That’s about it you’ll be doing on this all-day trip from Dubrovnik.

Out of the thirteen islets in the Elaphiti archipelago, only three are populated. Tiny and with just one or two villages, gorgeous scenery, sumptuous sandy, and rocky beaches, and an easy-going way of life. Unwind on the white sandy beaches of Lopud, swim in a crystal clear sea, wander among Mediterranean nature of Koločep, or journey through the local cuisine and of the cute little restaurant of Šipan, and pamper yourself with the minute joys of life.

4. Montenegro Day Trip

Less then an hour’s drive away, Dubrovnik is a good base to visit Montenegro, another must-do excursion out of Dubrovnik leads into another alluring area with its own distinct cultural identity. A completely contrasting landscape where massive mountain ranges drop steeply down to the sea and charming towns such as Kotor, Budva and Montenegro’s jewel, Sveti Stefan, cling to the coastline.

Enjoy the drive around the Kotor Bay with its many small towns and hamlets; stop in medieval Kotor to absorb in the typical Mediterranean lifestyle; resume high up into the mountains on your way to Budva, the ancient town which is today a lively tourist resort. All this and much more is Montenegro and this is why it should be on your itinerary list!

5. Mostar & Kravica Waterfalls Day Tour

A full-day excursion begins with a journey to the Kravica waterfalls, the best-kept secret of the Balkan region. Usually reserved for the locals and a few well-informed travelers, this gem is located in the nearby country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kravica or The Little Cow, is one of the most striking waterfalls in all of the Balkans. Swim in the freshwater, hike, or chill out in a nearby cafe overlooking the rapids.

Staying in a UNESCO world heritage site is cool enough, but how remarkable would it be to visit yet another UNESCO site while at it? Take this Dubrovnik day trip and visit Mostar and the Old Bridge.

It is hard to describe the uniqueness of this multi-faceted city: East and West meet on its gleaming, turquoise river in a blend of Turkish architecture, Mediterranean air, and Balkan beauty. You will see the main attraction which is, of course, its world-famous bridge, but you will also find yourself immersed in many other interesting sites around the Ottoman Turkish Old Town; the Old Bazaar, numerous mosques, and Turkish houses. Whilst on this tour you might want to stop at Medugorje whose story will invoke a sense of awe in all who visit and has a special meaning for Catholic visitors.

Before saying farewell to Bosnia stop at Pocitelj, an Ottoman town located on the left bank of the Neretva river, today stands as an artist colony.

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